HTC meets demand from enterprise with new Vive Business Edition

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The real application of virtual reality as being in the enterprise, and not just the consumer space, was last week underlined by HTC’s announcement of the Vive Business Edition (Vive BE). The Vive BE comprises the Vive VR systems with additional services adapted for business and commercial environments.

With this move HTC and its VR products and services empower enterprise to adapt to the changing business environment partly brought about by advanced technologies like virtual and augmented reality. Enterprise is under pressure to start incorporating new technologies and the HTC initiative is moving this process along.

In addition to the full Vive VR system, Vive BE comes with commercial licensing, a dedicated customer support line and a 12-month limited warranty. Businesses can buy multiple Vive BE systems and have the option to order large quantities.

Daniel O'Brien, VP of VR at HTC, said, "With Vive BE, we are answering the overwhelming demand from global industries for a complete VR experience, to provide innovative solutions for their business needs. Expediting the growth of partner organizations through application of Vive technology is an incredibly important part of our ongoing VR strategy, and will ensure Vive continues to be at the forefront of the enterprise sector."

The Vive BE is priced at $1,200. The consumer edition costs $800.

Industry analysts agree that business use cases for both virtual and augmented reality will increase. According to Deloitte, these immersive technologies may be better suited to the enterprise than the consumer market. These technologies are already applied to build virtual prototypes, test materials, provide training for new employees and facilitate collaboration of engineering and architectural projects.

HTC’s collaboration with Dassault Systèmes is a point in case. In April this year the two companies formed a strategic partnership to propel virtual reality into the enterprise space. Dassault Systèmes, a virtual reality pioneer with 20 years’ experience in virtual reality, developed the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as a collaborative virtual environment for businesses to create differentiating customer experiences. The company credits HTC’s Vive with bringing its software applications to life in 3D experiences that are accessible and usefull for its business customers.

Vive is the only end-to-end VR platform capable of delivering room-scale technology, with the feature being readily adopted for use in the commercial space. It enables professionals across industries and professions to work collaboratively and interact with their projects and designs.