Cogswell Polytechnical College tackles VR/AR content problem

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Cogswell Polytechnical College, based in San Jose, California has launched a certification program focused on the development of content for VR and AR.This initiative addresses the demand for content for new immersive technologies which are entering all spheres of life through the commercial availability of VR headsets like the Rift, Vive and Samsung VR. The success of VR and AR depends on high quality content, which at this stage is still in the experimental stage.The Cogswell certificate program will address content for both VR and AR. VR is a fully immersive experience that transports the user to a computer-simulated environment while AR overlays digital visual and auditory information on the physical environment.The one-year course will take place over weekday evenings and weekends to accommodate the schedules of computer graphics professionals, computer engineers, digital artists, recent graduates in digital arts or engineering programs, current students in Media Art or Gaming programs and students who have completed courses in 3D modeling.The six-module program include these topics: • Cognitive and perceptual aspects of VR/AR experience • Human/computer interface and interaction (HCI) design • VR design principles • Applications of VR/AR in storytelling in a project-based learning environment The course culminates in a multidisciplinary VR/AR studio project where the course work finds practical application.The certificate program is informed and supported by the VR/AR industry through Curt Miyashiro, JauntVR; Richard Chuang, CouldPic; Fabien Bourdon, Citrix Systems; Jeremy Kenisky, Geomedia Inc. and Stephanie Riggs, Azimyth Creation Studio.