Omni Hybrid solves VR’s storage problem

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Losing yourself in the wonders of a virtual world or attending the Rio Olympics in virtual reality are great experiences, but they come at a cost. Computer generated virtual reality experiences create an inestimable amount of data. Apart from the huge increase in bandwidth demand (VR requires about five times as much bandwidth as HDTV) there is also the issue of storage. How do you store the huge amount of data generated by VR?

Omni Hybrid is the Archion Technologies solution, at least for those working in the media. Based in Los Angeles, the company specialises in high performance and intelligent networked storage solutions. This week, Archion announced its EditStor Omni Hybrid, the company’s newest product within its range of collaborative storage solutions for demanding media workflows. Omni Hybrid is a storage solution for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics, and other rendered content.

Technically speaking, it offers the powerful combination of an unprecedented amount of bandwidth through a single NAS media server to handle 4K DPX/UHD streaming video and outstanding accelerated IOPS performance dedicated to rendering, CGI and trans-coding applications. Omni Hybrid offers extraordinary performance: 8,000 MB/second for 4K and other streaming demands, and over 600,000 IOPS for Rendering and CGI Graphics.

The announcement was made by Reuben Lima, CEO and Founder of Archion. He said, “Our brand new Omni Hybrid finally enables today’s creative facilities to avoid storage infrastructure that includes multiple storage servers and complicated, over-priced SAN technology. Omni Hybrid outperforms all other shared storage solutions for demanding streaming applications and for animation and visual effects workflows. We developed the Omni Hybrid as part of our ongoing commitment to meeting our customers’ needs as they move into new media platforms, including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. This remarkable new product is unmatched by any other company in the marketplace."

Archion was founded by a team of post-production, technology, and entertainment industry professionals in 1998, and the company’s storage technologies have been critical to the success of thousands of TV, film, commercial, documentary, and other content creation projects.