Alibaba’s customers can try out VR shopping this month

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At the annual China Development Forum in March this year, Alibaba Group Executive Chairman, Jack Ma, said that when he thinks of VR, he thinks of how it can help consumers shop easier and faster. And how it will help Alibaba’s sellers to sell their wares in a friendly way.

Four months later, the e-commerce leader is ready to open its first VR demonstration shop, which it showed at a recent press briefing in Shanghai.

Wearing a VR headset such as the HTC Vive, customers can enter the three-dimensional store, handle products, and interact with a virtual store assistant. Shoppers can also use the Vive controllers to click and add items to their shopping carts.

“VR is a great way to demonstrate products or services, especially for some categories, like furniture and travel products.” Zhuang Zhuoran, senior director of mobile at Alibaba, said during the press briefing. “It also adds more fun to shopping.”