New society to lay foundation for quality standards for VR

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Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Warner Bros., AMD, The Virtual Reality Company, DreamWorks Animation, Sony Entertainment, Sony Music, Starbreeze Deluxe, Nokia, Barco, Dolby, StereoD, Intel, 3doo, SuperD and others have come together to form the VR Society. The aim of the new organization is to advance virtual reality expertise and develop best practices and standards for VR content creation and delivery.

These companies and others are all members of the Advanced Imaging Society (AIS) within which the VR Society will be a new division. The new group will provide research, hands-on seminars, and best practice recommendations to help facilitate the creation of high quality VR content.

As awareness of and interest in VR grows amongst consumers, so the expectations for high quality content is growing apace. The group’s first survey of 1,000 consumers conducted in April found anticipation for VR is high, with 72 % of adults 18-29, 70 % adults 30-44 and 62 % adults 45-60 reporting they were “excited about experiencing VR.

“As we move forward, those high expectations need to be met with large volumes of brilliant experiences based on intellectual property from studios, music companies and original content creators, ” said AIS Chairman Mike DeValue adding that a collaborative and sustained industry-wide effort will be needed to meet the ‘premium experience’ expectations of consumers.

The VR Society will address the need for quality standards, best practices and techniques that would make for exceptional VR experiences by sharing research, best practices and production quality standards related to entertainment, media and marketing-based VR content development.

Jim Chabin will serve as President of The VR Society, and entertainment veteran Mark Lieber will be the organization’s Head of VR.

With chapters in the U.S., China, Japan, Canada, the E.U., India and the U.K., the AIS serves professionals in the industry and hosts professional education seminars and awards throughout the world. At the 7th Annual Creative Arts Awards Ceremony this year “The Walk: Virtual Reality Experience” from Sony Pictures won for Best VR.