Immersive reality on the global stage

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There’s our everyday reality and then there are various degrees of immersive reality. People can learn all about all of them at a host of events taking place globally over the next ten days - from academic and business conferences to VR storytelling festivals and an event especially for women interested in VR.

Starting in Sydney, Australia on 15 September the VR & AR Immersive Symposium is an event aimed at professionals and students interested in VR and AR as a career. Organisers have put up virtual reality headsets for sale with tickets for the event, to ensure that attendees have the best possible experience.

Going beyond Gaming, taking place on 20 September at the Linden Lab, San Francisco is a discussion event for women interested in exploring the potential of VR and how the technology is transforming storytelling, medicine, education, design, and everything in between.

VR World at the Olympia Conference Centre in London is an invite-only event focused on AR/VR and its impact on the future of business. Digility in Cologne, Germany, is a five-day exposition starting on 20 September that will cover complete value chain of mixed and blended reality including international producers and service providers for the development of new solutions and business models. This event covers AR/VR/MR, blended reality, 360 degree imaging, and holographics.

The International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality & Associated Technologies from 20 to 22 September in Los Angeles, California features keynote speaker Simon Richir. Expect to learn about the full spectrum of VR and AR environments, devices and applications.

For VR enthusiasts eager to enjoy VR/AR storytelling, there is FIVARS 2016, binge,watch 2016 and VR Conference 2016 Berlin. FIVARS in Toronto from 16 to 18 September is a festival of VR content by ground-breaking filmmakers and content producers. Those who find themselves in Germany can go to Hamburg on 22 and 23 September for 2016 or to Berlin for VR Conference for Journalism & Documentary on 23 September.

On the other side of the world, in Yucatan, Mexico, the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, will gather academics from across the globe to exchange ideas on the full range of mixed reality technologies from 19 to 23 September.