The arrival of VR headsets in 2016 is spawning the emergence of a new ecosystem of companies developing hardware, software, and content for a growing variety of applications ranging from gaming and entertainment to business and medical. Here is a directory of the leading content and application developers and startups in the Virtual Reality space. If you would like to add your company, please contact us by email.

Alchemy VR Alchemy VR is a VR content development company based in London. Alchemy VR was formed in 2014 by Atlantic Productions and its visual effects and animation studio ZOO VFX. Their first VR experience, narrated by the acclaimed naturalist Sir David Attenborough, is a journey from the very beginning of life on planet earth, to the evolution of the world’s first predators. Alchemy VR, through its partnership with Google, is working on a series of Expeditions that will take students on virtual field trips using Google Cardboard headsets. The Expeditions Pioneer Program is rolling out in schools around the world during the 2015/2016 school year.

AltspaceVR AltspaceVR is a virtual reality software company. Through the AltspacVR software users are able to experience the web, watch streaming video, play games, and get work done entirely inside virtual reality. AlspaceVR has raised $15.7 million in funding in three rounds. The company is based in Redwood City, California and was founded in 2013 by David Gudmundson, Eric Romo and Gavan Wilhite.

Anonymous Production Anonymous Production is a leading video marketing and VR production company in Singapore. AP creates videos and 360-degree VR content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment clients, specialising in video branding and marketing. Established in 2008 the company films on location across the world for social organisations, companies in offshore marine oil & Gas, building and construction, banking, hospitality, property, healthcare, education and more.

Applied VR AppliedVR is a software company that has developed a virtual reality platform that focuses on enhancing patient experience, increasing efficiency, and maximizing health care value. The initial perioperative platform is designed to engage the patient during all stages of procedures in hospitals and surgical centers, offering patients drug-free alternatives to manage pain and anxiety. AppliedVR was co-founded by Lieberman Research Worldwide and world renowned academics. Josh Sackman is President at AppliedVR which was started in 2014 and is based in the greater Los Angeles.

Archiact Archiact is a full-service virtual reality studio developing VR content across all platforms. The Vancouver-based company was founded in 2013. The executive team is Derek Chen (co-founder and president) Frank Shen (founder) and Sandy Shen (executive chair). Archiact hosted the sold-out CVR 2016 in Vancouver in May 2016.

Artlord China Artlord China is Artlord Studio’s brand new VR studio, which focuses on creating premium VR storytelling content. Located in Beijing, the studio is working with some of the best Chinese talents and storytellers to explore the endless possibilities of narrative virtual reality. Artlord Studio is a team of film and VFX enthusiasts who collectively have the experience of numerous Hollywood on-set production and post-production projects. The team have previously worked on a number of Academy Award winning and nominated movies including Life of Pi. Artlord China was co-founded by Mike Yang and Eddie Lou.

Baobab Studios Baobab Studios, headquartered in Redwood City, California, is a virtual reality company that creates story and character-driven cinematic experiences. The company was founded in 2015 by Maureen Fan, former VP of Games at Zynga and Eric Darnell, the director of several highly acclaimed DreamWorks animated features. Baobab raised a series A round of $6 million from Comcast Ventures, HTC, Samsung, Advancit Capital, The Chernin Group and Freelands Ventures, along with Zynga co-founder Mark Pincus and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.

Blippar Blippar has developed the Blippar app that lets consumers scan objects they are interested in. The app then unlocks content about it. Since launching in the U.K. in 2011, Blippar partnered with brands and media owners around the world. Blippar has raised $99 million in three rounds from two investors and is considered a unicorn having a value of $ 1 billion. Recently Blippar entered the VR sector with an app called Cardio VR, a VR application designed for Google Cardboard. The company was founded by Jessica Butcher (CMO), Omar Tayeb (CTO) and Ambarish Mitra (CEO). Blippar is headquartered in London with 14 offices worldwide.

CANDLIFY VR Technologies CANDLIFY VR Technologies is the creator of InstaVR, a web-based authoring tool platform that enables virtual reality creators to publish their VR content to VR platforms such as Google Cardboard, Oculus, Gear VR, etc. CANDLIFY VR also provides VR apps for consumers such as the VR movie app "AAA VR Cinema". More than 500,000 users have downloaded the company’s VR apps. CANDLIFY was founded in 2015 by Hiroyuki Haga. The privately held company is based in Tokyo, Japan.

Circos Brand Karma Circos specializes in building custom virtual reality (VR) experiences for travel, real estate, and luxury brands. Combining its ten-year history in both software development and content marketing, Brand Karma has created a VR studio focused on the travel and luxury sectors. Brand Karma helps brands drive sales with thrilling VR experiences for their customers. The company is headquartered in Singapore with global offices in New York, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo, The privately held company was founded in 2006. CEO and Co-Founder is Morris Sim.

Crytek Crytek is a German game developer. The company has develop its own game developing software called Cryengine. Through its VR First initiative Crytek provides full source code access to the Cryengine development software to help academic institutions around the world to establish dedicated VR labs on their campuses. Crytek provides the Cryengine development software for free, while hardware partners will equip the labs with VR headsets and machines. Crytek was founded by three brothers Avni, Cevat and Faruk Yerli in 1999. The first VR First Lab is located at Istanbul’s Bahçeşehir University.

DeepStream VR DeepStream VR is pioneering virtual reality games with biofeedback to help relieve pain and improve quality of life. Leading hospitals use DeepStream Vr experiences like COOL! To help patients manage pain. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Seattle, US. The current team is CEO Howard Rose, Ari Hollander (CTO), Michael Plaut C00/ CFO) and

Envelop VR Envelop VR is creating productivity and enterprise software that enables businesses and consumers to create, work and play in an immersive, 3D environment. Envelop VR was founded by serial entrepreneur Bob Berry and Jon Mavor in 2014. Envelop VR has raised $7.5 million in two rounds from eleven investors. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

ESI Group ESI Group provides virtual prototyping software that simulates a product’s behaviour during testing, manufacturing and real-life use. Engineers in a variety of industries use its software to evaluate the performance of proposed designs in the early phases of the project with the goal of identifying and eliminating potential design flaws. The publicly listed ESI was founded in France in 1973 by Alain de Rouvray along with three others. The global company is headquartered in Paris, France and has a presence worldwide.

Eyefluence Eyfluence has created a unique eye tracking system for use with virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. The company claims its technology transforms intent into action through the eyes. The company has raised $21.6 million in two rounds from five investors. Jim Marggraff and David Stiehr are the founders. The company, based in Milpitas, California, was founded in 2013.

Félix & Paul Studios Félix & Paul Studios is a virtual reality content and technology innovator focused on the creation of cinematic live-action virtual reality experiences. Founded in 2012 by directors and visual artists Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël, the Montreal-based studio has developed a proprietary platform for 3D 360° virtual reality filming and production and is pioneering an in-depth approach to the art of virtual reality storytelling. Félix & Paul Studios is backed by leading investors and advisors in the visual arts, entertainment and tech industries. The company has deals to create content for the Oculus Rift.

HAPPYFINISH Happy Finish is a global creative production studio and agency with international studios in London, Portland, Shanghai and Mumbai offering immersive content experiences for leading global brands and advertising agencies. The team of digital artists and interactive specialists work directly with brands, advertising agencies & independent creatives to craft high-quality visual content for the world’s top advertisers and brands. The company was founded in 2003. The CEO is Stuart Waplington

High Fidelity High fidelity develops software to deploy and host virtual worlds on a large scale. High Fidelity generate virtual worlds accessible to others to meet and interact in. Developers can build anything they want into the High Fidelity worlds. The goal is to create a metaverse by linking virtual worlds with High Fidelity. Second Life founder Philip Rosedale, Ryan Karpf and Freddie Heiberger are the cofounders of High Fidelity. The company has raised$17.45 million in four rounds from five investors. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in San Francisco.

Honey VR Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs from the technology and mobile industries, Honey VR has created a large library of highly immersive, 360° video-based VR content & films. In order to achieve this they formed a professional community of VR content creators with hundreds of members producing high quality 360° video content. The Denver-based company was founded in 2015. The CEO is Steven Austine.

ILMxLAB ILMxLAB was formed by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and Lucasfilm Ltd in 2015. The company draws on the talents of Lucasfilm, ILM and Skywalker Sound to create immersive entertainment experiences. ILMxLAB plans to develop virtual reality, augmented reality, real-time cinema and theme park entertainment. John Gaeta is creative director at IMLxLAB. The company is based in San Francisco.

Immersive Media Immersive Media specialises in spherical immersive video. The company is a pioneer in VR. It introduced the first 360˚ full digital camera system in 2004 and supplied the cameras for the Google Street View project. Immersive Media hosted the world’s first streaming live concert utilizing their imLive system and created the first viewers for iOS and Android. In a joint venture with Digital Domain, Immersive Media provides the IM360 VR Platform, a VR and immersive video creation suite that enables media companies and brands to bring their content to the VR market. Immersive Media’s patented technology supports the distribution and playback on any platform, including integrated head-mounted displays, mobile VR devices, computers and tablets. The parent company, Immersive Ventures, is headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia and Immersive Media is based in Dallas, Texas.

Improbable Improbable is developing an operating environment, SpatialOS, which makes building simulated worlds possible - worlds that can be run in real time, simulating the behaviours and interactions of millions of entities. Improbable develops the backend software that makes simulated worlds, including large-scale virtual reality, possible. Apart from enabling completely new experiences in gaming, the technology can be crucial in areas as diverse as defence, energy, city efficiency, health, and finance. Improbable’s software can simulate systems on a massive scale, for instance the economics of a national health care system; the outfall of a natural disaster or the spread of disease. Herman Narula and Rob Whitehead are the founders of the London-based startup that has received $22.09 million in a series A round from two investors.

INITION London-based INITION is a production company that specialises in the development of immersive, installation-based experiences. The company has its own state-of-the-art demo studio which houses holographic, immersive and 3D displays, haptic and motion tracking devices to provide clients with hands-on experiences. The company has created VR experiences for companies like Nissan, Topshop, Russian Copper Company and more. The company CEO is Adrian Leu. The company was founded in 2001. Stuart Cupit and Andy Millns are mentioned as co-founders on LinkedIn. InsiteVR helps architects and 3D designers easily create immersive virtual reality experiences. At architects and 3D designers can upload existing 3D models, which are then converted and optimized for viewing in virtual reality devices. The company has raised $120k in seed funding. Based in New York, InsiteVR was founded in 2014 by Angel Say and Russell Varriale. https://www.insitevr.comiZugar Founded in 2012, iZugar is a highly motivated team with expertise in virtual reality and photography. iZugar provides professional 360 video services from planning and production to deployment. iZugar has also created its own series of fisheye lenses and the Zphereo series of 360 video mounting system. The company is based in Hong Kong. JanusVR is a VR web browser designed to allow users to experience websites in virtual reality. JanusVR is a three dimensional web browser that parses a special format of markup in order to create three dimensional scenes. These spaces are synchronized between clients through a master server to deliver the same experience to many users at once. Janus VR is based in Toronto, Canada. The founders are Karan Singh and James McCrae.

Jaunt Jaunt is a cinematic virtual reality company. Jaunt has developed an end-to-end cinematic virtual-reality content-creation platform that includes a custom camera capable of shooting high-end, professional-quality 360-degree footage, software for stitching the footage together, a distribution system, and a Los Angeles VR production studio. Jaunt has raised a total of $100 million in funding, most recently a round C Series of $65 million led by The Walt Disney Company. Jaunt was founded in May 2013 and is based in Palo Alto, California and has a production studio in Los Angeles.

Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope is a virtual reality agency that works with independent artists to produce cinematic experiences for audiences and brands. Their mission is to give artists the exposure and support they need to do great work. They showcase finished projects, help secure funding for future projects, and develop custom software that pushes the boundaries of cinematic virtual reality. Kaleidoscope was founded by Rene Pinnell and Michael Breymann in 2015 and the company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Littlstar Littlstar is a 360-degree video content provider that also runs a 360-degree content sharing platform. The company provides content for VR devices, native mobile apps, and the web and allows anyone producing immersive VR content to showcase their work on the platform. Many of the world’s top 360 content producers provides content and the company has brands like Mercedes F1,DKNY, G.H. Mumm, Microsoft XBox, Ducati, and Ferrari represented through agencies or directly. The New York-based Littlstar was founded in 2014 by Dominic Giglio and Matthew Collado. The company has raised $750k in a round of Angel investment.

Magic Leap Apart from the well-published mega funding Magic Leap has attracted, few facts are known about the US startup company founded by Rony Abovitz in 2010. The company has raised a staggering $1.39 billion in funding from amongst others Google, Qualcomm, Alibaba, Andreesen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins. Google was the lead investor in the $542 million round in October 2014. In February 2016 the Series C funding round of $793.5 million was led by Alibaba. Magic Leap is reportedly working on a head-mounted virtual retinal display which superimposes 3D computer-generated imagery over real world objects by projecting a digital light field into the user’s eye. The technology involves new kinds of chips that would make it possible for light fields to be projected directly into one’s eyes.

MetaVRse Metavrse is Canada's first virtual and augmented reality experience company. The company’s mission is to make cutting edge VR/AR technology more accessible to fans through pop-up events, VR arcades and education centres. Services include VR experiences for corporate events. Metavrse was co-founded by Alan Smithson and Dan Flatt in 2016 in Toronto, Canada.

MyDreamVR MyDreamVR is a content creation platform where users can create and experience rich and immersive content. MyDreamVR has launched the MyDream Swift App that converts any existing game into a totally immersive VR experience. The app allows users to convert any game or video into virtual reality. The company started off by converting its own gane ‘MyDream’ into VR. MyDream is a creative community game that lets players build their own 3D worlds into a virtual reality experience. Allison Hyunh is the CEO of MyDreamVR which is based in San Francisco.

nDreams nDreams is an innovative game developer/publisher specialising in virtual reality and virtual worlds. Based in Farnborough, UK and founded by Patrick O’Luanaigh in 2006, nDreams is best known for being the largest global publisher in the PlayStation Home virtual world. Since mid-2013, nDreams has been solely focused on creating VR games and experiences. The company has raised $6.16 million in three rounds from one investor.

NextVR NextVR is a technology company that captures and delivers live and on-demand virtual reality experiences like rock concert, sporting events, fashion shows in true broadcast quality. NextVR also transmits live high definition, three-dimensional virtual reality content over the Internet delivering a completely immersive experience for the viewer. The company was co-founded by David Cole and DJ Roller in 2009. The company has raised $35.5 million in two rounds from eight investors, the most recent being a Series A round of $30.5 million in November 2015.

OPTIS OPTIS is a world-leading simulation and advanced visualization company. OPTIS solutions enhance the accuracy and realism of 3D virtual prototyping with the physics-based simulation of light, material, human vision and ergonomics. OPTIS serves clients in the automotive, aerospace, lighting, luxury and beauty, high tech, architecture and energy industries. The company was founded by Jacques Delacour in 1989. OPTIS software solutions are used as decision-making tools in top 500 corporations worldwide. Optis is headquartered in La Farlède, France.

Otherworld Interactive Andrew Goldstein, Robyn Gray and Michael Murdock formed Otherworld Interactive, one of the most highly sought VR development studios around. Otherworld specializes in VR, interactive media, and immersive storytelling. Their projects, such as Spacewalk and Café Âme, have been featured at festivals and conferences throughout the country. In the young emerging VR field, they have already developed a reputation for creating some of the most transcendent virtual experiences available. The studio which was founded in 2014, is based in Los Angeles.

Pixolabs Pixolabs specializes in building VR applications for companies in China, providing an end-to-end solution, from concept through planning, production, application development and deployment. The company has built unique interactive VR applications and experiences for clients like Porsche, Buhler and Bosch. Pixolabs is based in Shanghai and was founded by Florian Brutsche and Gauthier Dubruel in December 2014.

Pocketcake Based in Kansas City, PocketCake specializes in custom app development for iOS and Android deploying one-of-a-kind mobile experiences. PocketCake develops virtual reality simulations for architecture, engineering, law, medicine, education and police, firefighter and military training. Pocketcake has developed, VRSCA, a powerful engine that allows you to navigate up to eight people, wearing VR headsets through a virtual environment at the same time. The solution is used by architects. Ellis Gorden is the founder Pocketcake which he founded in 2012.

Reload Studios Reload Studios is an independent game development studio formed by the talented developers that led the creation and production of some of the bestselling video games in the world, including Call of Duty. Reload is developing content for VR, the main title being World War Toons. Reload raised $2 million from World Innovation in June 2015 and followed that up with a $4 million Series A in October from Rothenberg Ventures, World Innovation Lab, Barunson E&A, YK CRCM RS LLC and a number of undisclosed private backers. The company was founded in 2014 and is led by CEO James Chung. Reload Studios is based in Los Angeles, California.

REWIND Rewind is an international, award winning visual arts, digital and physical production studio based in London. The company blends animation, visual effects, design and cutting-edge technology to create immersive realities and engaging stories. A leader in VR, rewind has worked with the BBC, Nissan, Red Bull, Microsoft and IKEA, and most recently created 360-degree immersive experiences for Strictly Come Dancing. The founder and CEO is Solomon Rogers who founded the company in 2011.

Spaces This Santa Monica-based VR startup was started by entertainment veterans from DreamWorks Animation to develop VR and MR experiences. The startup raised $3 million in startup funding. Spaces is headed by chief executive Shiraz Akmal and chief technology officer Brad Herman. Spaces was officially formed in January 2016.

Scenic Scenic is a virtual reality content studio based in Brooklyn. The studio was founded in 2016 by a team of documentary filmmakers and visual artists using immersive VR technology to do non-fiction storytelling. The studio creates original VR documentaries and series. The team is CEO and creative director Gary Hustwit, Amir Bar-Lev and Marshall Curry.

Secret Location Secret Location is an Emmy Award-winning digital agency that creates content for emerging platforms. The company works in key convergent specialties: brand, entertainment and original technology development. Since launching in 2009, Secret Location has become one of the most recognized content studios in Canada and has now expanded into the US. The privately held company has offices in Toronto and Los Angeles. The creative director is Stefan Grambart.

Sketchfab Sketchfab is a web service to publish, share and embed interactive 3D models on web pages, and display them in real-time without a plug-in. Sketchfab's vision is to become the online home for 3D files. Sketchfab has added a virtual reality button to their 3D player, which works with Google Cardboard, but will be extended to other headsets as well. Founded by Alban Denoyel, Cedric Pinson and Pierre-Antoine Passet in 2012, Sktechfab has raised $9.5 million in equity funding. Sketchfab is headquartered in New York.

Starship Starship is a VR/AR Innovation company founded in 2013 in Liverpool, England. Starship Group is using its platform-agnostic and cutting-edge mobile technology to produce high quality, innovative VR products such as CyberCook Taster for Samsung Gear VR and the VR social network, vTime, for all mobile VR HMDs. The multiple award-winning company is privately held and was founded in 2013. Starship CEO is Martin Kenwright and the managing director officer is Clemens Wangerin.

Start VR Start VR is a dedicated virtual reality content and production studio that creates immersive virtual reality experiences. Start VR develops 360 video, simulated environments, animation and productivity tools for the Oculus Rift, GearVR and Google Cardboard. Based in Sydney, Australia, Start VR was founded in early 2015. The CEO is Kain Tietzel.

Survios Survios is a studio that focuses on virtual reality gaming and immersive technology. The startup was founded in 2013 by Nathan Burba,bJames Iliff and Alexander Silkin. The founders have been working on VR challenges since 2012 when they launched Project Holodeck at USC. They approach VR holistically, developing hardware, software, and games. Survios raised $4.2 million in equity funding in May 2014. Survios is based in Culver City, California.

TeliportMe TeliportMe is a social network for immersive experiences. Founded in May 2010, TeliportMe launched Panorama360 on Android which allows users to capture and share immersive content of a place using a smart phone. To date a large community of more than 7 million users have captured and shared 360-degree immersive panoramic content in more than 120 countries. Founder and CEO at TeliportMe is Vineet Devaiah. TeliportMe is based in Palo Alto, California.

Unity Technologies Unity Technologies is the producer of the game engine Unity, the dominant global game development software. Unity is the most popular game software amongst developers. The platform is used for creating games and interactive 3D and 2D experiences like training simulations and medical and architectural visualizations, across mobile, desktop, web, console and other platforms. Unity Technologies is a global company headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company was founded in 2004 by David Helgason (CEO), Nicholas Francis (CCO), and Joachim Ante (CTO) in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2009 Unity Technologies raised $5.5 million from amongst others Sequoia Capital and in 2011 $12 million was raised to push game development tools in Asia.

Valve Corporation Valve Corporation, also referred to as Valve, is an entertainment software and technology company founded in 1996. In addition to creating several of the world’s most acclaimed games, Valve is also a developer of leading-edge technologies such as the Source game engine and Steam, the premier online gaming platform and Steam Machine, a line of pre-built gaming computers running SteamOS. Valve was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Washington DC. is building a social live events platform combining great VR live event content, social engagement features and virtual ticket sales. films live events and create live virtual event experiences for top sports and entertainment brands. Founded in June 2014, is based in San Francisco. was selected as a finalist in the Virtual Reality Technologies category for the eighth annual SXSW Accelerator competition. Juan Santillan is CEO and Co-Founder of the San Francisco-based startup. No funding information available.

VideoBlocks VideoBlocks is a media company in the US. The first unlimited download subscription-based provider of stock video and audio, the company has now extended its services to include the first online library of stock 360-degree and 3D stereoscopic virtual reality footage. The Reston, Virginia-based media company was founded in 2011 by Joel Holland who is also the CEO of VideoBlocks.

VideoStitch VideoStitch develops video stitching software to create live virtual reality video content. Users can experience a live concert from home, a live news event, a class in full 360° VR first-person perspective without the need to physically go there, but being literally teleported to where a multi camera array stands. The French company, founded in 2012 by Nicolas Burtey, has raised $2.78 million in three rounds from four investors. VideoStich is based in Paris.

Virtalis Virtalis is a world-leading virtual reality and advanced visualisation company that provides software and hardware solutions to the VR industry. Their products and systems allow companies to understand their information and data, to interact with it and to foster communication. Virtalis operates across a variety of market sectors, ranging from the automotive, aerospace, construction and power industries to academics, engineers, medics, retailers and the military. This private company was founded in 1989 in the UK and is headquartered in Cheshire with offices in the USA, Malaysia, Germany and Finland.

Virtual Reality Company The Virtual Reality Company (VRC) is a Los Angeles-based content studio dedicated to the creation of immersive and memorable stories for virtual reality platforms. VRC creates VR experiences by combining the best in technology, art and storytelling. The company has raised $2.1 million in seed funding. The company was founded in October 2014 by Robert Stromberg, Christopher Edwards, Joel Newton and Guy Primus.

Virtual Xperience (“VX”) Based in New York City, VX is a real estate tech startup that creates photo-realistic, first-person digital experiences that immerse the user in a virtual space. The company creates a virtual rendering based on architectural plans for the real estate industry, creating virtual experiences of planned or existing residential or commercial real estate. The company’s founders are Jeff Maurer (CEO), Stephanie Davis (COO) and Tate Hawkersmith (CTO). The startup was founded in 2015.

Virtually Live Headquartered in San Francisco, Virtually Live is a computer software company that enables sports fans to experience live games and events through virtual reality. Virtually Live has additional offices in Seattle, Malaga, Spain, London and Zurich, Switzerland. Tom Impallomeni is the CEO. The privately held company was founded in 2007.

VOKE VOKE, a Silicon Valley-based company, has developed a live event virtual reality (VR) platform. VOKE’s non-fish-eye, true stereoscopic platform captures and streams a live 1800-3600 2D immersive feed for mobile, tablets, and broadcast, as well as a live VR stream for all VR platforms. With shareable social media and instant replay capabilities, the VOKE platform is a versatile VR solution for sports and entertainment events. Founded in 2012 by Uma Jayaram and Sankar Jayaram, VOKE is based in Pullman, Washington State.

VResidence VResidence is a VR application platform that allows users to view apartments remotely. The company has created an app that works with its own mobile VR headset as well as with other VR headsets. VResidence was created in 2015 by Peter Choi, Director of Palapple, a Hong Kong based IT company.

VRLIVE VRLIVE creates and broadcasts live sports, entertainment or other events in high quality VR. VRLIVE has been doing VR/360º live-streaming since 2014 and has filmed or live-streamed artists such as U2, Coldplay, Demi Lovato, Johnny Depp & Alice Cooper, Ellie Goulding, Slash, Billy Gibbons, Rob Zombie, Annie Lennox, Perry Farrel, among others. The company was founded by Heiner Lippman in 2014. The company is based in Los Angeles.

Vrse Vrse is a virtual reality media and technology company. Founded in 2014 by director Chris Milk, and technologist Aaron Koblin, Vrse is developing advanced technology for telling stories in immersive media. Vrse’s platform is available across all major VR headsets, as well as iOS and Android, and houses a curated collection of high quality cinematic, story-driven content. The company is known for producing ground-breaking and award winning immersive content such as “Clouds over Sidra” with the United Nations. The company raised an undisclosed amount in one round from two investors in October 2015. The company is based in Los Angeles.

VRstudios VRstudios produces a wireless, full-motion virtual reality solution for customers in the aerospace, construction and entertainment industries. The headset is paired with their DesignWand™ and a system of positional tracking cameras for full-body virtual reality environment. The Seattle-based company, founded by Dave Ruddell raised $1.35 million in funding in September 2015.

VRTUOZ Created by Owl Perception, VRTUOZ is designed as a portal to the virtual world. The French company‘s VR portal allows users to create their own environment and identity to explore 360 content. VRTUOZ overcomes mono-user experience and transforms virtual reality in a collective experience taking place in an environment of the user’s choice. VRTUOZ has raised $93.3k in one round in September 2015 five months after the company was founded. The founders are Benjamin Baldacci, Yoann Alves and Gildas Dussauze. Owl Perception is based in Paris, France.

WEARVR WEARVR is a virtual reality app store that lets users discover the latest content for virtual reality devices. WEARVR provides a platform where individuals, indie developers, established studios and agencies can showcase their content. Within five months after their debut, WEARVR registered more than 200,000 downloads on their universal VR app store. Atlanta-based WEARVR was founded in 2014 and raised $1.5 million in funding in 2015 to grow their platform.

Wevr Wevr is a virtual reality studio and distributor based in Venice Beach, California founded by Neville Spiteri, Anthony Batt and Scott Yara. Wevr provides an open platform for virtual content creation and publication and works with creatives to produce cutting-edge virtual reality content, from music and interactive stories to short films. The Wevr high performance 360-degree VR media player is compatible with all virtual and augmented reality devices. The startup has received a $10 million investment from HTC.

WorldViz WorldViz is a virtual reality software company that provides a comprehensive virtual reality development platform to help customers create engaging virtual worlds and immersive applications. Their Universal VR hardware connectivity supports all HMDs, 3D displays, motion trackers, and input devices. Users can design, deploy, and modify their own 3D content using Vizard, the WorldViz virtual reality development platform included with VizMove, the company’s high-precision motion tracking system. WorldViz works across manufacturing, defence, architecture, engineering, construction and healthcare. WorldViz has raised $1 million in funding so far. The startup, founded by, Andrew Beall, Matthias Pusch and Peter Schlueeris in 2002 is based in Santa Barbara, California.

Zanadu Zanadu is a travel and lifestyle site. It raised $12 million from Tencent to create a virtual reality studio. Beijing-based Zanadu Studio concentrates on VR content production, content distribution, marketing and booking services for the travel industry. The creative director and chief marketing officer is Dirk Eschenbacher.

zSpace zBrowser zSpace has developed the zBrowser that lets you browse the web via virtual reality. It works with the zSpace line of VR computers that come with high-speed head-tracking, a pair of AR/VR glasses and an integrated 3D stylus. The stylus lets the user manipulate images on the screen to study them in more detail. The zSace zBrowser was built in partnership with Google’s Chrome WebGL team. Currently the product is being used in schools and institutions of higher education, and is focused on STEM education, medical instruction, corporate training and research. zSpace was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The company has raised $56.61 million in two funding rounds.

8i 8i is a New Zealand- and San Francisco-based virtual reality company that specializes in capturing 3D video of humans for virtual reality experiences. The company has developed a process of recording 3D video with a number of standard cameras which is then transformed into a 3D hologram. This approach is called volumetric VR. The company has received $14.48 million in funding. The company was founded in 2014 by Eugene d'Eon, Linc Gasking, Sebastian Marino and Joshua Feast.

360Heros 360Heros provides solutions for all the stages of VR production including the production and sale of 360Heros GoPro holders, on-site 360 video production, 360 video post-production and 360 video hosting. 360Heros products and services make it possible for professional producers and hobbyists to create fully spherical and immersive videos and to share their work on the hosting platform and 360Heros mobile apps. The company, which is based in Olean, Cattaraugus County, New York, was founded by Michael Kintner in 2011.