Blue Ray Scanning Microscope



This Blue Ray Scanning Microscope (BSM) has been developed for cell fluorescence image capturing at high resolutions and low cost. In addition to being compact in size, BSM features a position-addressable function and a specially-designed sample slide with a sampling area and an address-coded area for sample holding and address recognition, respectively. The cell image of each sector of the sampling area has a corresponding address pattern that can be addressed accurately and repeatedly at high speed. Continue reading Blue Ray Scanning Microscope

Computational Light Field Camera Solution



As a result of the rapidly-improving computational efficiency and capabilities of IC chips and the higher pixel counts in image sensors, light field cameras promise attractive possibilities and user experiences for a wide range of application fields such as mobile and wearable devices and machine and robot vision.

Combining an optimized optical design with advanced image processing algorithms, this light field camera solution developed by ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) of Chinese Taipei, delivers higher pixel usage efficiency of up to 80% of the sensor and better image quality. The solution is also suitable for low profile camera modules, opening additional market opportunities. Continue reading Computational Light Field Camera Solution

iSleep Intelligent PC Power Management Platform



PCs can account for up to 70% of total office electricity consumption, resulting in excessive energy costs and an increased carbon footprint for most companies. By tracking PC usage patterns and identifying the minimum standby time setting acceptable to users, iSleep can help to significantly reduce energy consumption of computers and minimize their impact on the environment. Continue reading iSleep Intelligent PC Power Management Platform